Future with child and job

Zukunft mit Kind und Beruf

for young (single) migrant and non-migrant mothers under 25

The target group of young mothers (16 – 25 years) benefits from an individual, intense and sensitive approach. At the same time, clear and consistent guidance is of help.
Taking this into account, the course laid great importance on processes and the participants. During its 4 months of duration, it was continuously adapted to their needs and the obstacles they were facing. Strengthening the women’s motivation and defining their goals was especially taken into focus. Heightening their self-esteem, identifying feasible next steps – alls this creates the basis for finding their way and get going.
The complementary coaching dealt with the reconciliation of family and working life, and pointed out the resources to be gained in this process. The young mothers were supported in their search for appropriate child care services.

The project was funded until 2013 by Jobcenter Frankfurt am Main.

Zukunft mit Kind und Beruf ist ein Angebot für Kundinnen des Jobcenters Frankfurt am Main.