Quality Management

There is always a way to improve.

Quality is an essential factor of our work. Transparency, efficiency and making good use with resources are essentials traits of processes and structures at beramí. Along with this, it is necessary to design and describe processes, and to communicate them to the public. Through efficient process management we ensure the improvement of our work and services. We are object to periodical assessments and hold several certifications, e.g. according to AZAV and Weiterbildung Hessen.

Our certifications:

  • AZAV (Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung) (PDF)
  • Siegel Weiterbildung Hessen (PDF)
  • Akkreditierter Sprachkursträger für Integrationskurse
  • Qualitätssiegel Weiterbildung Hessen: Geprüfte Einrichtung für Bildungsberatung. PDF