MiA Frankfurt

Migrantinnen fit für den Arbeitsmarkt

MiA addresses migrant women who benefit from “ALG II”. The aim of MiA is to support them with assessment, qualification and counselling, in order to facilitate their professional integration in the first labour market.

The start for the participants’ professional development is made during the MiA assessment week. Preconditions are defined; goals and possible steps to reach them are formulated. As a result of the assessment, the participating woman and her advisor work out an individual plan for empowerment.

The following qualification offers are open to MiA-participants: German courses, competence profiling and personal initiative, professional IT skills, research on job positions, application training.

Find out more (German): www.mia-frankfurt.de

MiA Frankfurt is a project in cooperation of beramí and jumpp – Ihr Sprungbrett in die Selbstständigkeit – Frauenbetriebe e. V.

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MiA Frankfurt-Migrantinnen fit für den Arbeitsmarkt wird über die FRAP-Agentur durch das Jugend- und Sozialamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main und das Jobcenter Frankfurt am Main finanziert.