Mentoring Programmes

For migrant women, professional qualification and expertise are often not sufficient to get an adequate job. Many times, they lack necessary information and networks in order to find professional orientation. To improve one’s chances on the labour market, it is crucial to be familiar with the rules of German business and culture. This is the reason why migrant women especially benefit from the instrument of mentoring: an experienced mentor supports them on their way into the German labour market – or their way up to a higher professional position.

beramí has developed mentoring into an effective instrument for supporting migrants in their professional integration. Migrants frequently miss crucial information and networks to move further in their professional career, and occasions to proof their ability in practice. Mentors can be of great help here. Within more than two decades of experience, the instrument was adapted according to the demands of different target groups.

Since 2005, beramí offers mentoring programmes that focus on various target groups: highly qualified migrant women with academic qualifications, young migrant women in a phase of professional orientation, migrant mothers. Beyond that, we carry out a mentoring project on social participation, for young migrant women who want to engage in political life at communal level.

beramí is part of the mentoring network in Frankfurt am Main (Netzwerk Patenschafts- und Mentoringprojekte), presented the concept of mentoring on the congress “womenpower” (Hannover, 2012), and in cooperation with partners in a transnational project (Parti GE.MI.) edited a handbook on mentoring.