“The chance of my life”
“Die Chance meines Lebens” (German)

This film was made on occasion of the 20th anniversary of beramí. Five former project participants are portrayed. The film visualises the difference that beramí made in their lives. It was produced by  Galluszentrum e.V.
Die Chance meines Lebens

“How to get poor easily”
“Arm werden leicht gemacht” (German)

Raising awareness for poverty traps: This is especially important for young women planning their future life. The film was developed in the context of the campaign “Armut ist eine Frau” (“Poverty is a woman”) by Frauenreferat Frankfurt, and realised in cooperation with Galluszentrum e.V. Young women describe in short interviews, how all of a sudden they found themselves on a heap of debts. The complementary leaflet to the film names counselling centres for advice on the topic. The film may be used in poverty prevention work with girls and young women.

Idea, conceptualisation, realisation of the film: beramí berufliche Integration e.V. in cooperation with Galluszentrum e.V., sponsored by Frauenreferat der Stadt Frankfurt.
Arm werden leicht gemacht

“Remind” (German or English subtitles)

This film was realised in the context of the EU project “REMIND – Reflecting upon Migrant Participation and Diversity Awareness” by beramí and three partners from Spain, Italy and Norway. Several migrants are interviewed on the questions of how they judge social participation of migrants in the respective countries, which obstacles they had to overcome, which experiences they made in their new life. The result is a touching and expressive film that presents personal expectations, disillusions, but also the positive experiences and help these persons found.

Obstacles on the path to working in child care
“Vielfalt der Steine auf dem Weg in die Kita”

Many migrants hold pedagogical qualifications and have professional experiences relevant for child care. At the same time, there is a significant demand for child care professionals in Germany. In the framework of the conference “Migrant (and non-migrant) women and men into the Kitas”, experts from the field of child care discussed with Sarah Sorge, Bildungsdezernentin Frankfurt am Main, and Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Integrationsdezernentin Frankfurt am Main. The main focus was laid on the question, how qualified persons could find their way into the working field more easily – even if they do not fulfill all formal requirements to begin the professional training or to work as a child carer in Germany.
Prof. Dr. Ute Schaich from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences presented a scientific input. Hosts of the event were beramí and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

The film “Vielfalt der Steine auf dem Weg in die Kita” presents the stories of four migrants on their long way to a job in child care.