Mission Statement

beramí berufliche Integration e. V. has been actively providing counselling and vocational training since 1990 for women with experience of migration. In recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of programmes aimed at all people, regardless of their background. The aim of our work is to enable people who have experienced migration to establish themselves in a career which is commensurate with their qualifications, and to integrate them into society.
The multi-ethnic team at beramí consists of 40 women and 5 men with diverse backgrounds and educational biographies. The work is rooted in mutual respect and esteem as well as in transparency and openness among colleagues and towards participants. This also applies to contractors, cooperation partners and our public relations.

The training programmes are geared to the needs of the participants. Current developments in the labour market and social changes are taken into account, and the content adapted accordingly. beramí believes it is important to view the skills and qualifications of the participants as a whole, i.e. not only the professional qualifications and diplomas they bring along with them, but also their vocational experience and informally acquired knowledge and abilities.

beramí’s many years of work in job market-related fields have generated expertise which the team then passes on in training courses for lobby and interest groups or at specialist conferences. This expertise also feeds into the planning and development of new projects.

One of the association’s focuses is on providing careers counselling in various contexts. The counsellors are university graduates in appropriate fields, have a solid background in education, many years of experience and extensive expertise in the fields of careers and educational counselling. They continually supplement and expand their professional, social and methodological skills through targeted further training. For example, the counsellors were given “systemic counselling competence” training in a course run by the DGSF (German Society for Systemic Therapy, Counselling and Family Therapy). Ongoing supervision enables the counsellors to provide professional and proficient counselling. beramí offers counselling for career planning and the recognition of foreign educational and vocational qualifications. It also offers qualification and follow-up qualification counselling.

beramí cooperates with other institutions in order to offer the full range of competencies and create diverse synergies. Working in networks is a matter of course at beramí. All partners benefit from the know-how of all participants. beramí cultivates the exchange of information at all levels: local, regional, state and federal. The aim is to engage in dialogue with politicians and business representatives, with labour market stakeholders and with organisations and individuals in the education and social sectors. Fully networked and in constant touch with its partners, beramí keeps pace with all the latest developments.

With its many years of experience and through its involvement in various socio-political debates, beramí is frequently obliged to position itself politically and comment on topics such as migration, integration, equal rights and recognition of foreign educational and vocational qualifications. Continuous public relations work not only provides information on beramí’s current services, but also communicates the association’s goals, positions, demands and projects.

beramí has flat hierarchies: each individual employee takes maximum responsibility for her or his area of work. The team collaborates on the ongoing organisational development of the association. All the team members are responsible for helping to shape the structures.

Our guiding principles are:


Right from the outset, beramí  has been committed to recognising the skills, resources and qualifications of people with experience of migration.


The corporate philosophy is characterised by mutual respect for all cultures, ways of life, religions and opinions – provided they comply with the German Basic Law.


beramí embodies diversity in its team, thereby reflecting the multicultural development of our society. Diversity is regarded as an asset which enriches society.