Handbook on mentoring

Opening participatory routes: Enhancing Active Citizenship of migrants from a gender perspective

The aim of this European project was to support migrant men and women from non-EU-states to get socially involved at communal level: in trade unions, school councils, and political bodies.
At the beginning of the project, an analysis of the success factors and obstacles for social participation of migrants was carried out. On this basis, a training and mentoring programme was developed that promoted migrants’ honorary work. It was evaluated in all participating countries, and the results were presented in a Handbook on mentoring.

Coordination of the project: Institution Centre for Research on Women Issues, Diotima, Athens. Cooperation in the German partial study: Institut für Sozialstudien, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main.

Cooperation partners: 6 universities and educational organisations in Greece, Spain, Italy and Germany.

For more information on the project, see www.parti-gemi.eu
Press release on the start of the German project (German)

Project duration: October, 2013, to March, 2015.

Parti GE.MI. wurde von der Europäischen Kommission, im Rahmen des Programms EIF Community Action, gefördert.