Der Laden

Logo7_Der_Laden“Der Laden” – information and advice for refugees in the premises of IG Metall, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 79

“Der Laden” is an open advisory service for refugees. The aim is to improve the career prospects of those seeking advice. beramí offers careers counselling within this framework. This includes identifying skills and qualifications, providing counselling on the recognition of foreign qualifications and developing an “action plan” for further steps. “Der Laden” intends to be a source of further, individually-tailored information in the future and, in the medium term, also to serve as a contact point for volunteers interested in helping refugees.

Please make an appointment for a counselling session. Call us on 069-24005622, mail us at or call by at “Der Laden”, Wilhelm-Leuschner Straße 79.

The new flyer containing information in 9 languages about the Der Laden programme and staff can be found here.