Recognition of professional qualifications obtained abroad

Since 1990, the recognition of foreign school and professional qualifications has been the central issue in any carrier counselling at beramí. In many cases, the “Anerkennungsbescheid” (notice of recognition) is a prerequisite for practicing in Germany the profession learned abroad. It may also be a door opener for the German labour market. And last but not least, it documents the person’s individual achievement and may strengthen their self-confidence.

beramí is author of the guide on the recognition of foreign educational and professional qualifications for Hesse: “Anerkennung von ausländischen Schul- und Berufsabschlüssen in Hessen – Ein Leitfaden für die Praxis” (German). The guide is accompanied by a brochure (German), listing the most important referential professions and authorities in charge of the recognition process. Both instruments are essential for counsellors in this field.

To individuals seeking advice and to counsellors, beramí offers a telephone hotline regarding the recognition of foreign qualifications. There are also daily counselling hours (Offene Sprechstunde) open to the public at the labour agency in Frankfurt.

Our counsellors will be happy to contribute to your conference as experts on the topic.

Since 2012, beramí is part of the Hessian Network in the framework of the national programme IQ – Integration by Qualification.


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Das Förderprogramm IQ wird gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, der Europäischen Union – Europäischer Sozialfonds (ESF) in Kooperation mit dem Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung und der Bundesagentur für Arbeit.